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Leaping Bunny SymbolWe are please to echo the recognition we’re receiving for being a cruelty free hair care line.  From Leaping Bunny to Cruelty Free International, we’re very proud of the accolades we are receiving for standing up to animal testing which is unnecessary, barbaric, and quite costly.  We invite you to shop cruelty free by visiting our friends at LEAPINGBUNNY.COM and their page of many items that you can buy and trust with their no animal testing pledges.    


Gloss & Toss Shine speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz, adds beautiful shine AND helps smooth and detangle.  Order online today.
Gloss & Toss Shine speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz, adds beautiful shine AND helps smooth and detangle. Order online today.


Please visit GLOSS & TOSS online at http://www.glossandtoss.net to make your Gloss & Toss purchases today.   For healthy, shiny hair and NO ANIMAL TESTING, this hair serum will leave your tresses looking and feeling their very best each and every day.  

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Gloss & Toss® interview with LEAPING BUNNY

Leaping Bunny interviews GLOSS & TOSS.
Leaping Bunny interviews GLOSS & TOSS.

Q&A with Gloss & Toss®

We had a chance to talk with Hollywood stylist and the man behind Gloss & Toss®, Billy Lowe, to find out more about his hair serum that works wonders.

Leaping Bunny: Tell us a little about how Gloss & Toss® got started.
Billy Lowe: I actually developed Gloss & Toss® for myself with the intentions of it being a single product (just the shine serum). As a hair stylist in Hollywood, I wanted a hair smoothing serum that would give “red carpet shine” for my actors and talent on set, and that would last and still look good by the end of a long production day (all without weighing hair down). Through the years, I’ve found that many shine or styling serums are greasy, heavy, and weigh hair down or even build up on hair. So I went to work to develop a light-weight formula that could be used by my team, and little by little people started wondering what I was using to make actors’ or models’ hair shiny and healthy looking. I knew then that it was a product (and a brand) that had a lot of potential.

LB: What does Gloss & Toss® do?
BL: Gloss & Toss® shine serum speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz and humidity, controls unruly ends, and provides beautiful polish and shine to your blow-dry or thermal styling. It’s great to use when styling hair or perfect for a “wash and wear” look.

LB: Are your products vegan?
BL: Yes. I’m so proud to say that Gloss & Toss® shine serum is friendly to the earth, and to people. We do not use any animal products, or by-products. Gloss & Toss® is fortified with Jojoba oil, licorice root, white birch, and chamomile – all natural lubricants and shine enhancers.

LB: Are you coming out with any new products soon?
BL: While we started with just a shine serum, we’ve now moved into hair, skin, and nail supplements, hair and scalp treatments serums (available late 2014), hair brushes (available late 2014), and we’re on track for hot tools by the end of 2015. What started as a single product is now growing into an entire hair care brand.

Gloss & Toss® founder Billy Lowe holding “The Bunny.”

LB: Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to you?
BL: Earlier this year I got to meet “The Bunny” on a photo shoot and it was such a precious moment for my team and me. I have always been a pet lover so I have a personal attachment to being cruelty-free. My dog Panda and I do our best to shop for foods and items that are good for me, and for her. I believe Leaping Bunny is working hard to raise awareness for unnecessary (and very costly) testing that still happens around the world, and without this awareness, the beauty industry will continue aimlessly.

Try out Gloss & Toss® for yourself by clicking the link to the left over the name.


How to detangle your hair – Hair Styling Tips

For smooth results - use the GLOSS & TOSS WET/DRY BRUSH for styling, detangling or general brushing
For smooth results – use the GLOSS & TOSS WET/DRY BRUSH for styling, detangling or general brushing

So many people deal with hair tangling and want to know the best way to detangle hair.  In our experience on the creative side, we’ve seen tons of clients using hair brushes all the wrong way.  Most clients start from the scalp area and brush the entire strand’s length when detangling but here are a few great tips on proper hair brushing for the best results and to help reduce breakage or damage.


  1. Use a flat paddle brush (not a comb, nor boar bristle brush) when detangling.
  2. Be sure your paddle brush has a cushion base for flexibility and a more comfortable brushing process
  3. Fine-tipped bristles help move through hair much better than hard/thicker bristles
  4. Finger-divide your hair into 4-5 different sections and work one section at a time.  Finger parting or sectioning helps loosen hair and provides a light detangle as you’re working in this manner.    We often separate into 6-8 different sections just to get better sectioning results
  5. Start at the ends of each section and work your way UP to the scalp area as you brush – rather than starting at the scalp and brushing all the way down.  If you start at the scalp area first, you’re just pushing tangles onto tangles – which makes the situation even worse.
  6. If you have longer hair, we recommend braiding hair before bedtime to prevent matting or tangling during the night

In our experience many people experience tangling in the back of the hair because it’s an area often overlooked.   Excessive tangling can lead to breakage, discomfort, and unruly hair so be sure you take care of those tresses by using the GLOSS & TOSS WET/DRY BRUSH for overall hair care.

Gloss & Toss Shine speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz, adds beautiful shine AND helps smooth and detangle.  Order online today.
Gloss & Toss Shine speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz, adds beautiful shine AND helps smooth and detangle. Order online today.




Remember to order GLOSS & TOSS SHINE SERUM online at our Amazon store by CLICKING HERE!




 We look forward to speaking to you soon.


How to use shine serum – how to style fine hair

gloss-shine-banner-646x208How to use shine serum if you have fine hair.  Most people with fine hair think shine serums can weigh hair down.   While this may be true in some cases – or if the shine serum is too thick and heavy, with Gloss & Toss it only takes a pearl size amount on fine hair (perhaps a little more if your hair is very dense).   This hairstyle video tutorial will show you how to use shine serum if you have fine hair.



The best tip is to shampoo and (lightly) condition as normal, and apply desired amount of Gloss & Toss Shine serum from mid-shaft through to ends – distributing evenly as you go.   Loosely blow-dry hair with fingers which creates movement and volume.   Blow hair until it is 80-90% dry, and then use your styling tools to finish shaping.  Gloss & Toss Shine serum is available online by visiting GlossandToss.net.  


Color Correction – How to correct color mishaps

Color correction is no small feat.  There are 1,001 things (or more) that contribute to color mishaps and misfortunes.  What we see mostly from our creative team’s perspective from color correction in Beverly Hills is the following: 

  1. Color being left on too long
  2. Clients being left under heat for too long causing damage, breakage, and dryness
  3. Stylists not understanding lift action
  4. Wrong formulations for grey coverage (not enough, too much)
  5. Overprocessing through using the wrong developer strength
  6. Lack of color theory or basic understanding

and so much more.  You an always tell when color might not quite be right when your hair stylist is standing over you studying your hair – and you see a wrinkle in the brow.     When the stylist is happy with the color you usually see it in his or her eyes and smile.  The brow is a dead giveaway that something might not quite be right.  

Be sure you’re working with a seasoned beauty expert, ask to see look books, and discuss your color prior to any color procedure.  

Finish any color correction procedure with a little Gloss & Toss Hair Serum application to help smooth cuticle layer and remember not to shampoo or condition for 24-48 hours after color procedures – as is recommended by most salon professionals.  




Daytime Emmys Announced – 2014

OK beauty fans – 2014 Daytime Emmys have been announced!   We are so excited and a LOT of great show content and obviously AMAZING TALENT.  From Big Bang Theory to So You Think You Can Dance – we can’t wait to see and be part of the Daytime Emmys 2014.


While most people are wondering who will win what category, we, behind the scenes of red carpet beauty are already packing our bags for red carpet hair and makeup.  So here’s one great look that’s perfect for most evening events whether you walk the red carpet or not.   The messy bun is a great look for most hair types or engagements and can work well either formally or casually.



  1. Begin with a classic ponytail but pull to one side.
  2. Leave front pieces out (fringe area) and style as desired
  3. Apply Gloss & Toss over ends to keep hair separated, shiny, and piecey.
  4. Wrap hair around ponytail and pin as you go to secure into a “messy bun”
  5. Finish with light-hold hair spray or other styling tools/products as you see fit.

This is a great look whether a special event, holiday hair, or perhaps a casual upscale look.


Enjoy and please send us your thoughts by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net


How to add volume to your hair

Here are our greatest tips on how to add more volume to your hair!  Check out the video above and look at these great tips below from our Gloss & Toss hair styling beauty experts.  

  1. Work with either freshly shampooed hair, or “dirty hair.”
  2. Working in small sections, see the demonstration above on how to add a soft cushion (also known as teasing).  Lift a halo area up and out of your “working sections” as this portion of the hair will cover your work. 
  3. Lift sections straight up and on the back-side of those sections (or the underneath sections) push hair down to the scalp area using a comb, teasing brush, or other styling brushes/combs.  
  4. We recommend using hair spray before teasing each section – so that they stay locked into place once teasing takes place
  5. Work on as many sections you want in order to add more volume to your hair and take the left out section and allow to fall over your work   (see item #2 above).  

Be sure to check out our other videos including: 




Hair Skin and Nail Vitamin Supplements

Hair Skin and Nail Vitamin Supplement
Hair Skin and Nail Vitamin Supplement

Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins:

There are many hair, skin and nail vitamins on the market today ranging in price from $9.00 to over $100.00.  So what makes a good hair skin and nail vitamin supplement?  It’s true that people everywhere read magazines, research online articles, and even consult with one another on what makes the best hair, skin, and nail vitamin supplements.

The GLOSS & TOSS hair, skin and nail supplement has the following “speak-abouts” which we find very important.

  1. Gluten free, dairy free and soy free
  2. No animal testing
  3. Biotin (3200mcg)
  4. Other essentials like Gingko Biloba, Green Tea – and so much more.

While many vitamins have large levels of Biotin, they often do not contain other essentials.  We’re very excited about our hair, skin and nail vitamin supplement and hope you love it as well.    Availalbe on Amazon.com by searching for GLOSS & TOSS FORTIFY HAIR SKIN AND NAIL VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT


Best hair tips for humid weather

Humidity right now has everyone fanning and sipping their favorite summertime beverage.  Your glass of iced tea isn’t the only thing perspiring in the heat and extreme weather conditions make keeping perfectly coiffed hair almost impossible.  The best advice we can give is to start with a few simple rules and using the best hair styling products for your hair.  

1.   Always use products and tools that are right for your hair type.  This comes from having a consultation with your salon professional and discussing what your day-to-day needs for for your hair products.


2.  Keep hair products with you in sample sizes that you can carry with you in a handbag, or to keep in your car.   A few simple essentials may include sample sizes of hair spray, styling balms, a small comb or styling brush, dry shampoo, or perhaps a few bobbi pins/clips to style/maintain hair throughout the day. 


3.  Obviously we recommend starting your day with Gloss & Toss shine serum which is available at fine retailers nationwide.   Shampoo and condition hair in normal manner and apply a small amount of Gloss & Toss to your hair – based on your hair type and how much you feel you need. Style hair in normal manner or allow to air-dry for a wash and wear look. This is a simple hairstyle tip that anyone can use that is time sensitive and doesn’t require a lot of fuss.  


Our friends at Pinky Smiles wrote a great article about the use of Gloss & toss shine serum and that article can be found by clicking here .   


Please visit our GLOSS & TOSS AMAZON STORE for additional information as well.   


How to care for your hair during the summer

When enjoying sun, sand & surf, be sure you protect your hair in all the right ways.
When enjoying sun, sand & surf, be sure you protect your hair in all the right ways.

How to care for your hair during summer months!    This is the topic of the season to be sure.    While there’s no “magical answer” in caring for your hair, mainly because everyone’s hair is so different, there are tips and techniques that people use time and time again in caring for their hair.


  1. Visit your hair stylist on a routine basis.    Your hair really takes a beating during hot summer months or extreme weather conditions and it’s important to keep those ends fresh rather than letting your hair go for too long without a salon visit.
  2. Ask your salon professional for deep conditioning treatments that you can purchase in-salon, and ones that you can purchase to use at home.  This helps hydrate, mend and nourish hair.
  3. If you’re a swimmer, avoid letting chlorine or ocean water dry in your hair.  It causes breakage, damage, and build-up when you do.   If possible, shampoo and condition immediately after swimming.
  4. If you’re an active swimmer, use clarifying treatments for your hair to help remove build-up in hair from swimming.
  5. Prior to fun in the sun, apply a light hydration treatment to your hair to help prevent “wear and tear” while enjoying sun, sand and surf.
  6. Look for products that have UV defenders or ingredients like Sunflower (which is a natural defender for your hair).
  7. Remember to protect your scalp during summer months by applying a spray sunscreen onto the scalp area especially where hair is fine or thin, or skin shows most.   For men, this may be the crown area.

We could go on and on with tips galore – but hope you get the picture.


Remember that Gloss & Toss hair serum can work wonders on your hair before or after fun in the sun – and by CLICKING HERE you can purchase Gloss & Toss online on our Amazon Store.  Only 24.95 + S/H.