Best hair tips for humid weather

Humidity right now has everyone fanning and sipping their favorite summertime beverage.  Your glass of iced tea isn’t the only thing perspiring in the heat and extreme weather conditions make keeping perfectly coiffed hair almost impossible.  The best advice we can give is to start with a few simple rules and using the best hair styling products for your hair.  

1.   Always use products and tools that are right for your hair type.  This comes from having a consultation with your salon professional and discussing what your day-to-day needs for for your hair products.


2.  Keep hair products with you in sample sizes that you can carry with you in a handbag, or to keep in your car.   A few simple essentials may include sample sizes of hair spray, styling balms, a small comb or styling brush, dry shampoo, or perhaps a few bobbi pins/clips to style/maintain hair throughout the day. 


3.  Obviously we recommend starting your day with Gloss & Toss shine serum which is available at fine retailers nationwide.   Shampoo and condition hair in normal manner and apply a small amount of Gloss & Toss to your hair – based on your hair type and how much you feel you need. Style hair in normal manner or allow to air-dry for a wash and wear look. This is a simple hairstyle tip that anyone can use that is time sensitive and doesn’t require a lot of fuss.  


Our friends at Pinky Smiles wrote a great article about the use of Gloss & toss shine serum and that article can be found by clicking here .   


Please visit our GLOSS & TOSS AMAZON STORE for additional information as well.   

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