How to add volume to your hair

Here are our greatest tips on how to add more volume to your hair!  Check out the video above and look at these great tips below from our Gloss & Toss hair styling beauty experts.  

  1. Work with either freshly shampooed hair, or “dirty hair.”
  2. Working in small sections, see the demonstration above on how to add a soft cushion (also known as teasing).  Lift a halo area up and out of your “working sections” as this portion of the hair will cover your work. 
  3. Lift sections straight up and on the back-side of those sections (or the underneath sections) push hair down to the scalp area using a comb, teasing brush, or other styling brushes/combs.  
  4. We recommend using hair spray before teasing each section – so that they stay locked into place once teasing takes place
  5. Work on as many sections you want in order to add more volume to your hair and take the left out section and allow to fall over your work   (see item #2 above).  

Be sure to check out our other videos including: 



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