Daytime Emmys Announced – 2014

OK beauty fans – 2014 Daytime Emmys have been announced!   We are so excited and a LOT of great show content and obviously AMAZING TALENT.  From Big Bang Theory to So You Think You Can Dance – we can’t wait to see and be part of the Daytime Emmys 2014.


While most people are wondering who will win what category, we, behind the scenes of red carpet beauty are already packing our bags for red carpet hair and makeup.  So here’s one great look that’s perfect for most evening events whether you walk the red carpet or not.   The messy bun is a great look for most hair types or engagements and can work well either formally or casually.



  1. Begin with a classic ponytail but pull to one side.
  2. Leave front pieces out (fringe area) and style as desired
  3. Apply Gloss & Toss over ends to keep hair separated, shiny, and piecey.
  4. Wrap hair around ponytail and pin as you go to secure into a “messy bun”
  5. Finish with light-hold hair spray or other styling tools/products as you see fit.

This is a great look whether a special event, holiday hair, or perhaps a casual upscale look.


Enjoy and please send us your thoughts by visiting

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