Color Correction – How to correct color mishaps

Color correction is no small feat.  There are 1,001 things (or more) that contribute to color mishaps and misfortunes.  What we see mostly from our creative team’s perspective from color correction in Beverly Hills is the following: 

  1. Color being left on too long
  2. Clients being left under heat for too long causing damage, breakage, and dryness
  3. Stylists not understanding lift action
  4. Wrong formulations for grey coverage (not enough, too much)
  5. Overprocessing through using the wrong developer strength
  6. Lack of color theory or basic understanding

and so much more.  You an always tell when color might not quite be right when your hair stylist is standing over you studying your hair – and you see a wrinkle in the brow.     When the stylist is happy with the color you usually see it in his or her eyes and smile.  The brow is a dead giveaway that something might not quite be right.  

Be sure you’re working with a seasoned beauty expert, ask to see look books, and discuss your color prior to any color procedure.  

Finish any color correction procedure with a little Gloss & Toss Hair Serum application to help smooth cuticle layer and remember not to shampoo or condition for 24-48 hours after color procedures – as is recommended by most salon professionals.  



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