How to use shine serum – how to style fine hair

gloss-shine-banner-646x208How to use shine serum if you have fine hair.  Most people with fine hair think shine serums can weigh hair down.   While this may be true in some cases – or if the shine serum is too thick and heavy, with Gloss & Toss it only takes a pearl size amount on fine hair (perhaps a little more if your hair is very dense).   This hairstyle video tutorial will show you how to use shine serum if you have fine hair.



The best tip is to shampoo and (lightly) condition as normal, and apply desired amount of Gloss & Toss Shine serum from mid-shaft through to ends – distributing evenly as you go.   Loosely blow-dry hair with fingers which creates movement and volume.   Blow hair until it is 80-90% dry, and then use your styling tools to finish shaping.  Gloss & Toss Shine serum is available online by visiting  

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