Gloss & Toss® interview with LEAPING BUNNY

Leaping Bunny interviews GLOSS & TOSS.
Leaping Bunny interviews GLOSS & TOSS.

Q&A with Gloss & Toss®

We had a chance to talk with Hollywood stylist and the man behind Gloss & Toss®, Billy Lowe, to find out more about his hair serum that works wonders.

Leaping Bunny: Tell us a little about how Gloss & Toss® got started.
Billy Lowe: I actually developed Gloss & Toss® for myself with the intentions of it being a single product (just the shine serum). As a hair stylist in Hollywood, I wanted a hair smoothing serum that would give “red carpet shine” for my actors and talent on set, and that would last and still look good by the end of a long production day (all without weighing hair down). Through the years, I’ve found that many shine or styling serums are greasy, heavy, and weigh hair down or even build up on hair. So I went to work to develop a light-weight formula that could be used by my team, and little by little people started wondering what I was using to make actors’ or models’ hair shiny and healthy looking. I knew then that it was a product (and a brand) that had a lot of potential.

LB: What does Gloss & Toss® do?
BL: Gloss & Toss® shine serum speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz and humidity, controls unruly ends, and provides beautiful polish and shine to your blow-dry or thermal styling. It’s great to use when styling hair or perfect for a “wash and wear” look.

LB: Are your products vegan?
BL: Yes. I’m so proud to say that Gloss & Toss® shine serum is friendly to the earth, and to people. We do not use any animal products, or by-products. Gloss & Toss® is fortified with Jojoba oil, licorice root, white birch, and chamomile – all natural lubricants and shine enhancers.

LB: Are you coming out with any new products soon?
BL: While we started with just a shine serum, we’ve now moved into hair, skin, and nail supplements, hair and scalp treatments serums (available late 2014), hair brushes (available late 2014), and we’re on track for hot tools by the end of 2015. What started as a single product is now growing into an entire hair care brand.

Gloss & Toss® founder Billy Lowe holding “The Bunny.”

LB: Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to you?
BL: Earlier this year I got to meet “The Bunny” on a photo shoot and it was such a precious moment for my team and me. I have always been a pet lover so I have a personal attachment to being cruelty-free. My dog Panda and I do our best to shop for foods and items that are good for me, and for her. I believe Leaping Bunny is working hard to raise awareness for unnecessary (and very costly) testing that still happens around the world, and without this awareness, the beauty industry will continue aimlessly.

Try out Gloss & Toss® for yourself by clicking the link to the left over the name.

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