How to take care of color treated hair

Gloss & Toss® model shows silky, shiny, radiant looking hair by using Gloss & Toss® shine serum.
Gloss & Toss® model shows silky, shiny, radiant looking hair by using Gloss & Toss® shine serum.


If you color your hair, chances are you’ve run into the age-old question on the best ways to take care of color treated hair!  This is especially important if you live in extreme climates (hot or cold), if you’re a swimmer, or perhaps you’ve had your hair colored for the first time and you just want to know some of the “rules of the road.”  But did you know that Gloss & Toss hair serum as well as Gloss & Toss Fortify hair and nail supplement can help you take care of your hair whether it’s colored or not?

Particularly, Gloss & Toss shine serum helps protect against thermal styling, speed up blow-dry time AND protect the integrity of color treated hair.  Fortified with jojoba oil, chamomile, licorice root and white birch, this formula helps coat the hair shaft protecting it from heat, elements, and build-up.  Clients in the salon swear by the formula and testify that it lasts through several washes leaving hair looking and feeling silky smooth each and every time.

In the meantime – check out these great “how to’s” from our Hollywood creative team.

  1. Don’t overdo your ponytail.  So many people pull ponytails way too taught, causing breakage, stress and damage.  Be particularly careful of this if you have color treated hair.
  2. Ease up on the heat. Give your hair a break once in a while and try a wash and wear look.  Apply a little Gloss & Toss® hair serum to wet hair and allow to dry naturally for a soft, shiny look.
  3. Frequent haircuts are super important if you color your hair.  This helps the ends look their best and helps prevent further drying, breakage or damage.
  4. Ask your hair stylist for professional conditioning treatments when you are in the hair salon.  This helps hydrate, mend and repair damage to previously colored hair.
  5. Apply Gloss & Toss shine serum in your at-home conditioner for a quick and easy “hydration mask” for your hair.

Enjoy these great tips and remember to check us out online at



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