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Shop Gloss & Toss by visiting www.glossandtoss.net
Shop Gloss & Toss by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net

With every passing year and with each passing season our hair takes on different challenges.  Fall is no exception to the rule.  So we gathered our creative team to share some great FALL HAIR ESSENTIALS that everyone needs to know about.  From prevention to treatment, color to cutting, we’re spilling it all right here.

It’s time to take inventory of your hair.  The past 3-4 months of summer were often full of sand, surf and swimming pools.  All three summertime fun activities pose some impossible challenges for your hair.  Chlorine can build up on hair causing damage, frayed ends, and faded out hair color.  Ocean air and sunshine can also do the same affecting the overall health and appearance of your hair.  So take a look back and where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and whether or not your hair is looking its best right now.

Have a discussion with your hair stylist.  This is a great “second base.”  Your salon professional has a relationship not just with you – abut also your hair.  They know your hair type, they’re probably familiar with your seasonal needs, and they can best recommend a treatment plan for fall that will have your hair looking its best.

IF YOU’RE NOT SURE,,,,, just add a few foils.  Adding a few foils – whether brighter or darker – can help give you a little teaser into color, and what may seem like just a little bit of color can end up making all the difference in the world.  Adding a few face-frame highlights, or what we call “peek-a-boo” low-lights can really enhance your color this season and give you a gorgeous result.

Don’t try to self-correct.  This is the biggest deal-breaker for all salon professionals.  When clients take their hair into their own hands whether it’s trimming their own bangs or trying to add a little color themselves it can wreak havoc on your hair and cause expensive correction procedures for your fall budget.  Hair color correction is a very costly procedure in time and dollars and if you’ve colored your own hair, don’t expect to get out of the salon for less than $300+ for color correction procedures.

Color exploration.  Fall is a great time to explore hair color whether you’re going a little darker, want to consider some warmth to your color, or perhaps adding a few low-lights to give added tone to your look.  Single process color can really be enhanced by simply adding a few straps of color by foiling or painting them on (but once again leave this to your salon professional).

Notice the trend.  Trend doesn’t just happen in magazines.  Trends are very region specific as well.  While it’s good to stand-out a little, trends on Paris runways and Chicago streets can be two completely different things. Additionally, the talent (hair stylists) in your region may or may NOT be familiar with different cut or color techniques and there may be services you’re interested in that simply aren’t available in your area.  Baylayage for example is a very specific technique that not everyone is trained in.  So it helps to seek out (or fly in) a seasoned professional that can help you with this.  Don’t just go for a hair color because it looks good in the magazine.

Does it fit your lifestyle?   This is the big one.  There are many cut or color procedures that look great in print or in television ads, but they may or may not be right for your lifestyle.  In other words, short bobs and red hair require major maintenance and upkeep to look in-tune at all times.  Red is a wonderful color but it’s quick to fade and if not applied or formulated correctly can fade “off tone” and end up looking brassy or yellow/golden.  Look at your schedule, your lifestyle, your time commitments, and even consider what products and tools you’re comfortable working with each and every day. Certain hair styles & color require more maintenance than others and there’s a lot to consider before taking the plunge.

Budget.  Again, relative to the topic above, some cut and color services require more routine visits for upkeep.  Many times this simply doesn’t fit within a budget or seeing a salon professional every 3-4 weeks to upkeep $200 services (or more).  Before making hair decisions, discuss the upkeep with your salon professional and see if this will work for you.

Hair Care.  Make sure you’re using the right products, tools and services for you (obviously recommended by your salon professional).  If you are a color client, obviously sulfate-free products will be good for you.  This helps prevent color fading and supports your color to keep it looking its best.  Don’t self-prescribe.   Going to the supermarket and becoming overwhelmed by bright lights and colorful product packaging is the EASIEST way to pick all the wrong things.  Then you spend money on maintenance that could have been used for a great cut or color service.   We’ve heard many people say “I can’t afford a $100 haircut!” yet they spend $200 – $500 a year on styling products that they simply don’t need.  They’re still spending $100 on their haircut, they’re just putting that dollar amount somewhere else to avoid rationalizing a great $100 haircut.  We say – put the money where it belongs – and keep more of it for other things.

GLOSS & TOSS SHIINE.   It wouldn’t be a great Fall Essentials article without at least saying a little bit about Gloss & Toss SHINE serum.  Formulated with Jojoba oil, Licorice Root, White Birch and Chamomile, this amazing miracle serum helps protect hair against thermal styling, speeds up blow-dry time, helps fight frizz & humidity and adds gorgeous polish and luster to hair.  It just takes a tiny amount.  Apply to wet/clean hair and style as desired.  Gloss & Toss SHINE also helps protect hair against color fading and salon professionals love adding a touch of this serum into their color formulas for added slip, shine and protection to hair.

ORGANIZATION.  Organize your products and tools at home.  Keep your top 4 or 5 items at your fingertips and store the others away so you’re not fumbling over them and getting confused about what works or what doesn’t.  We think you’ll find you need fewer products than you’ve been purchasing all your life, and by sticking with a consistent few – you’ll get consistent results time and time again.

Your signature brush.  Everyone has a signature (or favorite) styling brush or tool.  We certainly do.   Once you find something you like, sometimes it’s worth buying 2 or 3 more in case you need them.  We like keeping one in our set-bag, one for travel, one at home, etc.

Be consistent.  This goes for every piece of your hair care and beauty maintenance.  Keeping routine appointments (pre-book before you leave the salon) keeps your hair looking its best and you feel better when you do.  On average, color clients should see their salon professional 6-8 times per year and probably more for hair cuts.   If you average one haircut every 4-6 weeks, that means you should be seeing your salon professional 8-10 times per year.  Take a look at your calendar to be sure you’re on time with your beauty appointments.

We hope these tips, trends and thoughts are helpful to you as we enter fall season.  Got a tip you’d love to share with us?   Visit us online at http://www.glossandtoss.net and CONTACT US to share.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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