Hair Style Tips – Gloss and Toss Hair Shine Serum makes for easy hair styling

Today's hair tip! copyGetting “the look” is easier than you think.  It just takes a few minutes, some great styling products and tools, and a little time and patience.  Soft “careless tresses” have been in for so many years starting in the 70’s and has been a great hair trend ever since.  We don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon so hop aboard and get the look.


  1. A large paddle brush for separating/sectioning hair
  2. Hot rollers if you’re working with dry hair (or “dirty hair”)
  3. Round brushes if you’re working wet-to-dry
  4. A vented brush to separate hair at the ends
  5. Hair clips to separate hair
  6. A curling iron to define curls as needed
  7. Some good music and mood

Brush hair with large paddle brush to help detangle and separate.  Work in large sections on dry hair and apply hot rollers (directed back).  We like loose curls so avoid rolling hair all the way up to the scalp area.   Keep them to the mid sections only when you apply.  The hot roller method works great on “dirty hair” or hair that hasn’t been shampooed in a day or two.  The build-up on hair helps give hair more structure and stay-factor.  Use a light hold hairspray all over when hot rollers have been applied.  Allow time to cool, shake loose and add definition with a curling iron as needed.  Finish with one pump of Gloss & Toss shine serum to keep curls separated and add great polish and shine.  A little goes a long way.  If you have fine hair a pearl-sized amount is more than enough.

For a wet-to-dry-look, the same above applies but you’ll begin on wet/clean hair, apply 1-2 pumps of Gloss & Toss shine serum, and blow-dry smooth using round brushes.  When hair is dry you can use hot roller method throughout or curling iron method all over.  Either works just fine.

TIP:    We prefer to add curling iron definition at the end in VERY small sections.  For example if you wrap hair in 2-3 inch sections for hot rollers or curling iron to start – DEFINE last curls using 1/2 inch sections so you have the varying curl sizes and patterns for a soft, natural look.

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