Hair Serum for Gorgeous Hair this Spring

Hair serum for shiny healthy hair!

gloss and toss hair serum for best blow-dry results copyBuy Gloss & Toss Online at: and have gorgeous hair year round (including rainy spring seasons)! Learn more about this fabulous hair serum below.

Looking for the best hair serum this season? Gloss & Toss Shine serum helps to smooth hair, add shine, repair damaged looking hair and so much more.  So look no further.  While April Showers may bring May Flowers, don’t worry – Gloss & Toss Shine signature hair serum keeps hair looking its best each and every day.  Rain and humidity can surely be a drag when it comes to great hair care so keep it simple this spring.

If you’re in rainy/humid environments, chances are,,,,,,,,,, hot rollers and curling irons just won’t cut it for every day styling.  Ponytails, easier styles, less “coiffed” looking hair will probably be the order for spring and summer to keep things simple. But while many hair serums feel greasy and heavy adding more to the unflattering hair season, Gloss & Toss works in other ways to keep your hair looking great.  So what’s in it for you?  Lots.  Check it out.

Gloss & Toss Shine hair serum helps to:

  • Speed up blow-dry time
  • Minimize heat/processing time on hair
  • Combat frizzy hair
  • Add an extra moisture boost
  • Enhance shine and manageability
  • Give silky smooth results

and so much more.  This miracle hair serum is used behind the scenes by many leading hair stylists in  Hollywood and customers around the world love this lightweight, velvety formula.  Doesn’t build up, doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, and is perfect to use prior to thermal styling or when used for a simple wash and go look.

To use – apply a small amount to hands depending on your hair type.  For best blow-dry results, apply Shine to wet hair and distribute evenly with the Gloss & Toss Paddle Brush or Detangle Brush depending on your hair care needs.  After blow-dry, add another drop or two for smooth silky results and to finish your style if needed.

Order online and tell a friend.  Don’t let humidity get you down.  Learn to work with your hair and not against it with Gloss & Toss Shine serum and other hair care products on our website.  Also available on Amazon.

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So what questions do you have about your hair?  Have you tried other hair serums but didn’t like the feel or the results?   Let us know.

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