Summertime Hair Tips to Protect Hair

gloss and toss protect hair add hair shineSummertime beauty tips and how to protect hair from the sun and summertime damage will be on everyone’s mind during the hot travel season.  

It’s been AGES since we’ve posted but here we are sharing a little “Look Good – Feel Good” moments with you for Summer 2016.  Seems as if those loose beachy waves are here to stay no matter your hair length, style or color.  Here’s a quick tip to make them look their best.

  1.  Shampoo & Condition (if needed) in normal manner using the Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioner set.
  2. Apply Gloss & Toss SHINE (blow-dry serum for hair) to hair and blow-dry smooth.  An option here is to twist hair in larger sectioned “ringlets” and diffuse dry.  We recommend using a setting mist when doing this either in the form of a light-hold hair spray or perhaps a sea-salt spray to give hair a bit more texture and “distressed” look. Both available at
  3. Tousle hair loosely and style as desired


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