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Best Hair Products to Take When Traveling

Beauty Travel Tips for your Vacation

gloss and toss beauty products travelWhat to pack when you travel!  Healing oil for hair? Nutritional supplements for hair, skin and nails?  Dry Shampoo?  Detangling products for hair?  We’ve got the answers and we say some of everything.   But first let’s take an inventory.  It might be helpful to know where you’re going, who’s going, and whether or not you can “share the task” of packing together.  If 3 or 4 are traveling together, it might not be necessary for everyone to bring a hair dryer.  Or perhaps there’s one in the room and you can skip that altogether.

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What is Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo – What is it and how does it work?

gloss toss best dry shampoo
Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo best results to revive hair

Well there’s the magic question.  But first let us tell you what it’s not!  Dry shampoo is NOT shampoo that you use to wash your hair in the morning.  It is not a body shampoo.  It is not a shampoo for dry hair!  It has become a BEAUTY CATEGORY to describe a product that would act like a shampoo but it actually doesn’t even do that.  It doesn’t really have cleansing properties as we know shampoo to have.  So why do we even call it “dry shampoo?” Let’s start with a few basics.

What does regular shampoo do???

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The Best Ingredients for Hair, Skin and Nails

Hair, Skin & Nail Supplements

gloss and toss hair skin nails biotin fortifyHere’s the skinny! Nutritional supplements for hair are on the hot list for customers everywhere. From salon discussions to mommy groups, customers around the world turn to nutritional supplements and key ingredients for hair, skin and nail vitamins.  Longer, stronger, healthier hair and nails is the goal for women (and men) around the world for their beauty and health routine.  Others turn to these “miracle supplements” to support their own concerns about hair loss and doing what they can to provide strength support for their bodies in keeping  all of the moving parts moving.

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Win a Free Detangle Brush

The National Examiner is giving away a Detangle Brush!

National Examiner Detangle Brush Gloss Toss
Win a Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush from the National Examiner!

National Examiner magazine is on stands dated April 4, 2017 for more information.  

Celebrity hair and celebrity beauty (and a little celebrity gossip) is what we all see at the supermarket checkout stands.  But during awards season, all eyes are glued to the screens as we watch the red carpet walk-ons and interviews and viewers anxious to see who wore what, and how they styled their hair!

Gloss & Toss products are no stranger to the red carpet.  In fact our Detangle Brush was featured in many celebrity gifting events this year during awards season.  In fact, a few celebs who went away with this “must have” beauty item include Jane Fonda, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey and countless others.

So what’s so special about the Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss?

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Gloss & Toss Hair Products on Amazon

Buy Gloss & Toss Hair Products on Amazon!

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Online sales are booming and everyone wants to buy beauty products online! We know that customers around the world trust Amazon for their daily shopping needs.  People buy everything from nutritional supplements, albums, interiors and hair products on Amazon are certainly right up there with every other shopping category.

We believe in great customer service, quality products that customers around the world have come to know and love, trusted beauty advice from leading Hollywood beauty experts, and so many other outstanding ways that we strive to be your trusted source for your hair care needs.

So check us out on our own website by visiting which will give you a bit more information about us, our history, ways we’re involved in our community, and a little view of the many wonderful people behind the brand.

For Amazon details, visit the Amazon website and search for Gloss & Toss.

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Gloss & Toss Hair Products – See What’s New

Gloss & Toss new hair products!

Available online at

gloss and toss new hair products for best hair styling results

The Gloss & Toss Hair Care Line unveiled many new hair products this year just in time for New Year celebrations and annual red carpet events.  Several of these new products gained immediate attention due to their presence on the red carpet during awards season in 2017.  A few celebrities (including Jane Fonda, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey and others) received our hot new detangle brush in celebrity gifting suites during this exciting awards time and others took home other fabulous items from the brand during press junkets and media tours earlier in the year.  Continue reading “Gloss & Toss Hair Products – See What’s New”