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gloss and toss hair skin nails biotin fortifyHere’s the skinny! Nutritional supplements for hair are on the hot list for customers everywhere. From salon discussions to mommy groups, customers around the world turn to nutritional supplements and key ingredients for hair, skin and nail vitamins.  Longer, stronger, healthier hair and nails is the goal for women (and men) around the world for their beauty and health routine.  Others turn to these “miracle supplements” to support their own concerns about hair loss and doing what they can to provide strength support for their bodies in keeping  all of the moving parts moving.

So what’s in a vitamin?  There are …obviously many times of vitamins and supplements.  Many come in a tablet form, a capsule form, a liquid form and even chewables.  And let’s not forget the powder forms.  And while hair vitamins and other supplements for healthy hair and nails may not come in this many forms, there are still a few essentials that customers declare over and over help their tresses and nails look their best.


Yes – we’ve all heard it before.  The secret ingredient is not such a secret after all.  It is printed on bottle after bottle and product after product as being a key ingredient that helps support the normal functions of healthy hair and nails.  It is one of the first things that customers talk about, and salon professionals recommend that their clients look for when suggesting vitamins for hair and nutrition for hair and nails.  Many nutritional formulas contain a number of ingredients in their product to round out this beauty supplement for a complete Hair, Skin and Nail remedy.

Gloss & Toss is proud to be part of this corner of the beauty industry.  Our nutritional supplement FORTIFY contains 3200mcg of Biotin which is MORE BIOTIN than many of the other brands. Additionally the supplement is fortified with many other key essentials such as Vitamins A, C & D as well as Grape Seed, Ginkgo Biloba just to name a few.


Gloss & Toss Fortify is easily available by visiting  This trusted formula is used by clients around the world who trust the Gloss & Toss brand for their beauty rituals.  Developed by a leading Hollywood Hair Stylist, who better to trust than Gloss & Toss for your hair concerns, and as a leading team of beauty experts, who could be more knowledgable than this team who works day in and day out in the world of Hollywood beauty, listening to and answering the concerns of some of the most discriminating shoppers.

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Leading salon professionals everywhere turn to Gloss & Toss Fortify to sell to their customers in salon and refer the to the website to purchase this must have Hair, Skin and Nails formula.  Our capsule formula comes in a 60 count supply (one month supply) and is available to buy online.  More Biotin than many others in this category, developed by a leading Hollywood hair stylist, no animal testing, trusted by salon professionals – well these are just a few of the reasons customers use the Gloss & Toss Fortify supplement for hair, skin and nails time and time again.

Visit Gloss & Toss online today and we look forward to sharing more of these and other beauty tips with you soon.  


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