Best Hair Products to Take When Traveling

Beauty Travel Tips for your Vacation

gloss and toss beauty products travelWhat to pack when you travel!  Healing oil for hair? Nutritional supplements for hair, skin and nails?  Dry Shampoo?  Detangling products for hair?  We’ve got the answers and we say some of everything.   But first let’s take an inventory.  It might be helpful to know where you’re going, who’s going, and whether or not you can “share the task” of packing together.  If 3 or 4 are traveling together, it might not be necessary for everyone to bring a hair dryer.  Or perhaps there’s one in the room and you can skip that altogether.

Vacation time is around the corner and spring break is on everyone’s mind whether you’re a college student or a seasoned professional.  Winter was wonderful but we’re ready to shake it off this spring and begin some fun in the sun.  We here at Gloss & Toss are excited to share our tips and thoughts on what we’ll be taking on the road and just how we do it.  So check it out.

gloss and toss flex hairsprayFirst – HAIRSPRAY.  No matter where you’re going or for how long, you’ll always do well carrying a great hairspray whether a tropical/humid environment or something a bit more dry like Palm Springs.  If you are traveling to a more humid area – AEROSOL hairsprays will perform better than spray bottles.  We recommend the Gloss & Toss Flex Spray Versatile Hairspray.

Next – HAIR SERUM or a STYLING CREAM.  Whether you’re a wash and wear sort of traveler or a “must blow-dry”, a hair serum or styling cream (or cocktail your own) is a sure win to tame tresses, speed up styling time and get you on your way.  Obviously we recommend Gloss & Toss Shine – Hair Serum.

Lastly – and depending on your style, a shaping wax or clay, something not too wet in its consistency.  This will help shape freshly styled hair and creates a more occlusive layer between hair and environment so it’s not as affected by weather.

Oh.  Lastly – Lastly.  A Grab-and-Go Bag is always on the essentials list especially if you’re a frequent traveler.  In many cases people have one or two homes and have duplicates of many items in both places but for the frequent flyer, a well sorted grab and go bag saves time and thought when it comes to your packing to do list.  With airport security many travelers find this as easy as packing a larger food storage bag with their travel essentials as it makes security check points much quicker and more efficient.

Of course as we mentioned before that many times friends and family “share the load” when it comes to packing beauty items but if you want your own, you simply want your own.  These above items are all available through the ease of shopping online by visiting    There you’ll find an array of red carpet beauty items to keep your hair looking and feeling its best on your outings, road trips, and getaways.

Safe travels and be sure to follow us on social media for the best hair products online, great style tips from the red carpet, and occasional Q&A’s with real customers just like you from all over the world.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more great tips and ideas.


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