Organize Your Beauty Products at Home

Here are some of the BEST ways to organize your beauty and personal products at home!

Did you know that keeping your beauty products and personal care items organized helps them stay clean and sanitary AND can extend the life of your products?

gloss and toss beauty organization tips
A simple drawer organizer can help keep products organized and prevent them from “wear and tear” when opening and closing drawers or cabinets. We found this drawer divider unit at IKEA and we love it!

Have you ever wondered how beauty professionals keep their tools and products so organized and at an arm’s reach?  Let’s face it! Hair stylists and beauty experts are busy, multi-tasking career professionals.  They manage a career and client roster that includes providing their professional services, coordinating color formulas or perhaps facial rituals, recommending products for clients to use at home, managing salon or spa inventory, client follow up and care, and that’s just the start of it.  Over the years the beauty industry has recognized and developed systems and procedures that work well for organizational strategy, time management, and effectiveness for the business overall.

But if you’re like most people at home, you’re often annoyed at the heaping collection of products you’re  somehow persuaded to buy at the supermarket or retail outlet with each and every visit. You get up daily to a vanity or medicine cabinet that looks more like an expired science project than something that looks and feels useful and desirable in your self care.  And we wonder why people often leave the house not feeling their very best.  Oh! And to top it all off, you probably haven’t even had your first cup of coffee and somehow you’re supposed to make sense of 10, 20, 30 or more products lying around on your bathroom counter top, in side drawers, under the sink or overhead! Well we’d like to share some great tips and ideas we’ve gathered through the years not only in organizing beauty for retail areas, but organizing working kits for our traveling hair stylists or makeup artists, keeping work stations functional day in and day out, and continuing to adjust what needs work here or there for product display, organization, and ease of use.  Check it out.

  1. TAKE IT ALL IN:  Begin by looking at the big picture and if you have to, pull all the products into one area.  In doing so, you’ll have an overview of what you’re dealing with and you  may find duplicates of some items.  This is just gathering the inventory together to see what you’re dealing with.
  2. EXPIRATION DATES:  This one is easy.  You may have pushed a bottle of moisturizer to the back of the closet so long ago and  not even realized it.  Some clients know their beauty routines and stick with them pretty consistently so product “turnover” happens pretty quickly for them most likely.  But there may be that one bottle or two somewhere that has expired by 3 or 4 years.  Just toss it.
  3. GATHER LIKE ITEMS:  Some people use two or three of the same type of product but maybe for different beauty remedies, but it’s easier to find what you’re looking for when you batch similar items together in smaller pods.  For now this is still just taking inventory of what you have and where it might go later (that’s the fun part).
  4. SEPARATE SYSTEMS:  Gather hair care items and keep them in an area, and gather skincare or other personal items and keep them in an area/category unto themselves as well.
  5. TOSS IT:  Is there a product in your pantry that you know you’ll never use again or perhaps your hair or skin care needs have changed and you’re using something different?  Just toss it.  It’s not often sanitary to share certain personal items and if it’s something you’re not even using (or the bottle is almost empty anyway) we say TOSS IT.
  6. LOOK AT OPTIONS:   You’ve gathered your products and have done a little sorting and editing of them, now it’s time to see what may go where.  There are many options here such as counter tops, drawers, medicine cabinets, under the sink storage, etc.  So begin thinking about what and where.
  7. GET CREATIVE:  We like to organize beauty products at home or at work stations
    Hair Products, Beauty Products, Organize Beauty Products
    We used a simple kitchen (canned goods) riser to add flair to a product countertop storage idea for clients to use and enjoy at home. These and similar items are available at many home goods or organizational stores.

    so they look like a department store counter top or visual display.  This can easily be done with kitchen risers or space savers that  you might find at an organizational store or home goods store.  Add a little flair to your own “beauty space” so it becomes yours and you look forward to greeting your day like you look forward to having your makeup done at the mall or with a group of friends.  Your beauty rituals should welcome you, not turn you off.

  8. LOOK AT TEAR SHEETS: As you work through the Sunday paper or perhaps your favorite magazine subscription, don’t get stuck on how much the furniture may cost, look at how things are organized or arranged and model your beauty space (or other parts of the home) in an article or advertisement that you feel inspired by.
  9. HAVE FUN:  At Gloss & Toss we don’t just believe in selling products; we believe in having fun and feeling great, and helping our customers do the same each and every day.  It’s simple techniques and ideas like this that can make all the difference in the world on how you start or finish your day.

Thank you for reading our blog and for being a fan of the Gloss & Toss Hair Care Brand.

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