Beautiful Hair this Easter

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Gloss & Toss luxury hair productsIt’s Easter weekend and whether you’re wearing a classic hair style or bringing out your favorite Easter hat, there is definitely a sense of fashion and flair to this weekend.  From vibrant colors to softer pastels, many people have shopped (and dieted) for quite some time to ring in spring as this weekend brings about many reasons to celebrate.  But before you step out to that fabulous champagne brunch, Sunday morning service, Saturday dinner, or Friday evening celebration, here are a few tips to keep those tresses looking great and to lift those roots (and voices) high this weekend for many a joyous event.

Call ahead to visit your salon professional for a blow-out service.  This will save you time and energy as there’s so much going on this weekend as it is.

Don’t go for “dramatic” this weekend.  Let your attire or accessories do that for you.  It’s easier to change a top or a ring than it is to fix hair color gone wrong at the last minute.

Keep your look lasting a bit longer with the Gloss & Toss Flex Hairspray and the Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo.  The Flex Spray is a versatile hold styling (workable) hairspray that doesn’t build up or feel sticky or stiff.  Our Dry Shampoo will help absorb excess oil at the root area to keep lift and texture where you need it the most.

Avoid wind upsets in your hair style by using a wrap, or perhaps a casual upswept look for the weekend.

Dress the pony.  We have always said a classic ponytail will get you from a day at the park to an evening on Park Avenue and it’s true.  Pull small bits of hair around the face framing area for softer effects, and perhaps leave the front fringe area out as well for a side swept look.

KEEP IT SIMPLE this weekend.  Go for those routine color touch-ups if needed, have a little trim if you’re due, but nothing too dramatic for holiday weekends or services.  Like we said before – you’re better off going a little overboard with an accessory which you can easily “toss” aside if you decide it doesn’t work.


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