The price of color correction


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Color correction can be a disaster!

Potential risks of coloring your own hair: 

  • Poor formulations
  • Overprocessing
  • Discomfort
  • Embarrassment
  • Financial costs to correct (to name a few)

You know you’ve done it.  Haven’t many people?  You visit your favorite retail outlet for just a few things and perhaps you passed by the magazine stands along a certain aisle and admired how gorgeous someone’s hair color is on the cover.  Your best friend happens to be with you at the time and so you ask “Would my hair look good this color?” Quickly she replies “Oh yes. I’ve always thought you’d look good going a little darker!”  What happens next is a sure path to disaster.

Before even getting to the items  you went to buy, you make a beeline for the health and beauty department and start combing the aisles of hair color.  You study the number systems on the boxes completely perplexed, you even try to analyze the color on the box and the results photos on the back, you even drive yourself nuts reading the directions on the back, and have to read them again at home 2 or three times.  All of that happens before you even have your set-up ready.  So you line the floor with newspaper, put paper towels everywhere, put on an old t-shirt and you still get that boxed color all over the place.  Let’s face it – you’re already regretting your decision. That $8 box of hair color is going to cost you a lot of time, a lot of clean up effort, and a lot of regret.

In the hair salon, stylists are greeted almost daily with color correction issues and most of these are clients who tried to color their own hair.  The damage that’s done at home, the over-processing, the lack of understanding and lack of experience, is truly a problem.   We have to remember that hair stylists color hair every day and they work with teams of people they can rely on if they have a question or need a “second opinion” about a professional color formulation.  Salon professionals often have access to professional color help hotlines.

Color correction can take an hour, two, or even more.  We have had salons tell us that they spent nearly all day with one color correction client whether it was all that had to be done, or the extreme care and caution that had to be given due to hair delicacy after a color disaster.


  • Salons are set up to handle hair color
  • Hair stylists are EXPERIENCED with color
  • Hair stylists can rely on one another for second opinions on color formulations if needed
  • Hair color in the salon is more efficient
  • Professional hair color can save a LOT of money if your own “DIY” hair color goes wrong
  • Hair stylists offer creative insight to color, color placement, and color options

and so much more.

So our suggestion when it comes to color correction from DIY hair color – DON’T DO IT! 

Hair stylists spend a lot of time and money for their training and certifications, time and money to pass state boards, time and energy finding the perfect salon to work in and grow into, and years and years building their clientele.  Clients would rather spend $75 or $85 on a base color touch-up and get it right than spend $8 on box color that goes wrong and have to spend $200-$300 getting it corrected (plus the time).

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