Save time when you blow-dry your hair!


“If only I could do this at home!”   That’s the cry of every customer leaving the salon chair.  Well consider the facts:  Hair stylists spend hundreds of hours in school studying how to cut, color, and finish your hair style.  They practice at home, on their friends, and even on those funny looking doll heads they receive in their beauty kits from school.  Then on the salon floor, they work tirelessly to perfect that blow-out, to section hair neatly, and to twirl and flip those brushes like utensils in a kitchen.  And while customers may not always get that perfect blow-out at home, there are some great time-saving tips along with product recommendations from the Gloss & Toss  brand that we wanted to share with you in today’s blog graphic.

These products are available by visiting and we hope you love these featured items, and in the time they actually save preparing your hair style.

gloss and toss perfect blow-out