How to save time styling hair after a workout


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Many people spend time after their workout to style their hair.  To some this may mean a quick 5-minute session and to others it’s a dreaded 30 minutes or longer to blow-dry their hair.  And with summer coming up, that’s no fun.

The dressing rooms at the gym can be crowded especially during peak times.  If you forgot to bring your own hair dryer, there may be a lineup to use the ones provided by the gym facility.  To make matters worse you might just be wrapping up your visit when the dreaded “low on towels” announcement is made.  But never fear, beauty remedies are here.

Use the following tips and suggestions to SAVE TIME on your  hair styling after leaving the gym and to get you on your way.  Product suggestions obviously come from our brand Gloss & Toss and you can buy Gloss & Toss hair products online by visiting

  1.  BLOTTING PAPERS:  Whether you shampoo your hair or not after your workout, it’s important to remove excess sweat and oil from the scalp area (as well as hair and necklines) prior to any cleansing or style application.  This helps remove “congestion” or build-up at these areas and makes the cleansing and styling process more effective. Any sort of paper or tissue with an absorbing quality will do the trick.  Facial tissues, paper towels, oil blotting papers, etc.  The idea is to blot the scalp area, hairline or neckline to absorb excess sweat or oil from the scalp area.
  2. If you DO have time to shampoo/condition, we recommend brushing the hair from scalp to ends (use the Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush) in order to minimize sweat and oil concentration at the scalp area, and to nourish/protect the hair all the way down with your own natural oils.  This also helps them from becoming too dry during the shampoo process.
  3. If you DO NOT have time to shampoo/condition, we recommend cooling hair & scalp (after step 1 above) by using a blow-dryer and loosely blowing through hair with a light lifting action or finger tousling through.  Most hair styling products are stored at room temperature and if your body temperature is still elevated from your workout, you ay  not get the desired finishing results you’re looking for. Take a moment and cool down!
  4. Wear a ponytail!   So you’re pressed for time and need to move from one place to the next?  A simple ponytail helps create a classic and youthful appearance and perhaps you’ll have a glow to your skin from your workout with increased circulation.
  5. Dry Shampoo:  Customers everywhere are using Dry Shampoo for their quick hair fix remedies.  THE PROBLEM is that they are neglecting good hygiene at the scalp area which includes shampooing and conditioning, gentle massaging of the scalp area, routine brushing of the hair, etc. Don’t abuse or overuse Dry Shampoos no matter whose brand you’re using. Dry Shampoos help to absorb excess oil at the scalp area.  Oil build-up can weigh hair down causing it to look and feel flat and lifeless.  Dry Shampoos can also help add texture and lift to hair and hair styles.
  6. Hairspray:  Hairsprays have a higher alcohol make up but don’t slam on your brakes just yet.  When people hear “alcohol” they mostly think of rubbing alcohol in their medicine cabinets.   However, many of the “alcohol” ingredients that are in hair care products come from natural sources and others have fatty acids that help the hair.  Hairspray can also help “absorb” oil at the root area and give hair a little “revival” to get you through.
  7. Work loosely.  If you’re styling your “gym hair” and trying to get to your next meeting or scheduled event, we suggest working loosely.  You may have styled your hair a day or two before, or perhaps you had a professional blow-out prior to your workout.  In many cases SHAPE is already there on some level so it’s best to work loosely.  Use your hairdryer on a high fan speed and medium heat and tousle hair with fingers working quickly around all sections of hair.  Spray Gloss & Toss Flex Spray or Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo (sometimes we use both) throughout sections of hair without being too specific as to where it goes.  The hair dryer will take care of that.  After Flex or Dry Shampoo have been applied use the hairdryer technique described above to give hair a more casual style and finish as desired to suit your own personal style or flair.

It’s probably not going to look like a perfectly polished professional blow-out, but the above DIY tips will surely help.


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