Ease Allergy Symptoms When Using Your Beauty Products

gloss and toss allergy solutions hairspray shieldALLERGIES ARE NOT GOING AWAY; NEITHER ARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Unfortunately, however, many allergy sufferers experience symptoms of allergies on a daily basis and many throughout their lives.  These symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and the nonstop frustrations of treating or minimizing these symptoms.  In fact, many allergy sufferers experience increasing symptoms as they age, and often relocate to other parts of the country (or world) to ease these symptoms in their living situations.  In addition to weather and seasonal situations, many people are affected by household cleaning items, material types, various food ingredients and certainly health and beauty items.

The truth is, most beauty brands are not focused on  an entire line-up of fragrance free products.  It would be extremely time consuming scientifically, and extremely costly.  And while Gloss & Toss Hair Care is not committed to a complete fragrance-free line, we ARE committed to understanding customers from all walks of life.  So with everyone in mind, especially the allergy sufferers, we wanted to share a few products and tips for using your favorite beauty items and hopefully minimizing the allergy sensitivities often brought on during your hair styling routine.


  1. A hairspray mask (shown above).  These used to be used all the time in salon settings where weekly roller sets were the standard for many customers.  Salons were full of coffee, chat, and more hairspray looming in the air than smog in Los Angeles.  To use simply hold the handle (grip area) and place the top of the mask to the hairline before spraying.  This helps protect face area from overexposure to your products.
  2. A Surgical mask.  These are found everywhere and used by many people in airports nowadays to minimize exposure to air-born illness and germs.
  3. A small fan.  Keeping a small fan in your bathroom (or wherever you style your hair) can help blow products back away from face area when you use them.  This helps minimize sensitivity to smells and products touching the skin.
  4. Eye pads. These can be found in the drugstore and come in small bags of 50 or 100 count.  These can be used to cover the eye area if you’re applying product to the facial area and you want to avoid getting too close to the eyes.
  5. Cotton balls.  These are great for everything but many customers in the salon use these in their ears before a shampoo or conditioning treatment to avoid water or chemicals getting into their ears.  Interestingly enough, many customers use them for the nasal area as well to avoid certain smells.
  6. Let air in.  After your shower or bath, humidity can remain for quite a while and using products in humid areas makes it harder for smells to dissipate.  Open a window or door to let air in, and use your extractor fan if there is one in the ceiling to lift the air away.
  7. Tissue.  This goes without saying. A simple facial tissue or two can help minimize unpleasant smells or odors in any situation and are easy enough to keep with you at all times.
  8. Moist towels.  We see these everywhere from many manufacturers from personal wipes to hand cleaners, baby wipes and even makeup removers.  There are so many options for moist towels.  Many customers even keep 1 or 2 damp paper towels with them in a zip-up-bag.
  9. Spray bottle.  Keeping a small spray bottle with distilled water is great for many things.  Many customers keep something like this with them at all times to keep the body cool in warmer climates, to mist the face and wipe away dirt or oil, or a simple solution to cleaning hands if there’s not convenient access to a sink or water source.

We  know there are probably MANY more concerns and issues than what this brief entry could begin to entail.  We also recognize that some allergy sufferers deal with more serious symptoms where answers are not as easy as 1-2-3.  But we hope that by sharing these ideas and product finds, that you’ll be able to use these (or discover some new solutions for yourself) when using those beauty items that you’ve come to love. Thank you for reading.


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