How to Detangle Hair – Best Detangling Tips

What are the best ways to detangle hair?  What are the best products or brushes for detangling hair?  Inquiring minds often ask and we’ve got the answers.

Before you begin detangling hair with styling tools, we recommend starting with the best styling tools anywhere, which are your hands. Your fingers help feel where tension is in the hair and to what degree. Learn to use these   Continue reading “How to Detangle Hair – Best Detangling Tips”


Experiential Marketing Los Angeles

Gloss & Toss joins SimpleHuman and BeautyCon Los AngelesExperiential Marketing provides many exciting ways for brands to meet consumers, for consumers to meet brands, and for brands to meet one another to meet the needs of the marketplace.  

We have been lucky to align with some amazing organizations through the years locally and nationally to create some awesome events, products and campaigns.  A few of these include:

-A spirits tasting events with different “themed” tasting stations

-The launch of a new cell phone

-A $10,000 makeover in NYC

and  so many more. The face of brand exposure Continue reading “Experiential Marketing Los Angeles”