Experiential Marketing Los Angeles

Gloss & Toss joins SimpleHuman and BeautyCon Los AngelesExperiential Marketing provides many exciting ways for brands to meet consumers, for consumers to meet brands, and for brands to meet one another to meet the needs of the marketplace.  

We have been lucky to align with some amazing organizations through the years locally and nationally to create some awesome events, products and campaigns.  A few of these include:

-A spirits tasting events with different “themed” tasting stations

-The launch of a new cell phone

-A $10,000 makeover in NYC

and  so many more. The face of brand exposure

and driving consumer interest has changed so dramatically through the years with so much emphasis being placed on social influencers and the number of followers one does or doesn’t have.  While we agree there is power in numbers, there is also a lifetime of reference building, understanding industry “speak,” developing relationships through the years, laying career milestones and successes that come from knowing your industry, collaborating with others, and being in “the flow” as change happens.  The disadvantage that today’s social influencers face is not knowing the voice of a brand, its culture, its storyline, nor the changes that have been presented through the years.  You can’t always take a “today technique” and trust the empty results it often brings.  Anyone can capture 100K followers online.  But can they build a brand, handle all of the moving parts of product manufacturing, and the many other aspects of media than just “social” media.

But this past weekend at BeautyCon Los Angeles we were able to align with an exciting brand, SimpleHuman, and learn more about their amazing vanity mirrors, and meet many others on the trade show floor like Hello dental care.  Many of these companies and their leaders are doing exciting things for the world of beauty and new product launches.

If a brand is constantly knocking its shins trying to do things a certain way, or if they’re just not seeing results attempt after attempt, it’s time to do a little homework, ask for advice, and change something.

Our team has seen a lot of wonderful experiences and “proof in the pudding” results

Billy Lowe Events, Experiential Marketing Los Angeles,
Billy Lowe specializes in cut & color services, red carpet events, experiential marketing, product development, brand ideation and so much more.  He is the founder of GLOSS & TOSS hair products which can be found by visiting GLOSSANDTOSS.NET

thanks to the trusted brand leadership of our founder, Beverly Hills Hair Stylist Billy Lowe.  From reality makeover shows to product launches, even corporate events, retreats or image/grooming workshops, we’ve experienced and built a diverse portfolio that came to shape our own hair care line.  We love the experiences we’ve had and opportunities to support ideas and growth with others and to celebrate those “I thought I could” moments along the way.


Customers love tips. Whether they’re watching something on television or perhaps reading a quick style guide for beauty items, customers love quick and easy how to’s in order to achieve results of some kind.

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Customers love ordered or listed information.  Many people don’t have hair or makeup experience, or perhaps experience in any other category that might be relevant here, so numbering the tips and shedding light on “when” something should be done helps clear up any confusion of why, how and when.

Customers love to see results.  In the world of beauty this may be a before and after photo. In the world of real estate it may be a before and after kitchen.  Results mean benefits to a consumer. What is this going to do for me and why should I participate (or purchase)?

Engaged shoppers. Customers love to listen to and learn from other friends or consumers when it comes to trying new things.  As we say in retail sales, “the chair is contagious.”   If you don’t have someone sitting in your chair, then chances are, no one is interested in coming in to “see what the action is all about!”

Customers love percentages and rankings. They want to know how much and by when. Their hair will feel 20-30% stronger?   They will save how much time cooking their food?

There are so many creative ways that brands can align and “co-create” together to deliver more of what consumers need, while providing added value & service options, and probably more time saving solutions and discovery.

For Experiential Marketing in Los Angeles or other events whether you’re an electronics brand  or a health, beauty or wellness category, we look forward to working with you and at least meeting you somewhere down the line and learning more about your brand.