How to Detangle Hair – Best Detangling Tips

What are the best ways to detangle hair?  What are the best products or brushes for detangling hair?  Inquiring minds often ask and we’ve got the answers.

Before you begin detangling hair with styling tools, we recommend starting with the best styling tools anywhere, which are your hands. Your fingers help feel where tension is in the hair and to what degree. Learn to use these  

tools to help shape and support your hair before picking up styling tools or quick-fix supplies.

  • Divide hair into two sections with your fingers. Gently separate hair into two sections – simple as that.
  • Divide those two sections into halves as well (also with your fingers) gently dividing hair into two more sections from the ones you began with.
  • Continue in this manner until hair is divided into 6, 8 or 10 sections – depending on how much hair you have.
  • If hair is dry, do not use product in hair at this time. The idea is simply to divide hair into as many working sections as possible while reducing tension and pulling.
  • We suggest using clips to keep sections separate
  • Start brushing hair from the bottom of each section working little by little up toward the scalp.  Beginning at the bottom first allows tangles or troubled sections to drop out of the bottom and allows the next section to pass through smoothly without “piggy backing” onto another tangled section
  • Eventually you will have worked your way to the top (scalp area) of each section

If your hair type is prone to tangles or knots, remember to shower in an upright manner  to prevent complications in tangling or matting.

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Gloss & Toss recommended products are: 

Shine – To smooth hair, speed up blow-dry time, fight frizz and humidity, protect color treated hair and so much more.


Prep – Lightweight leave in conditioner to smooth, hydrate and protect hair.

Detangle Brush – the best detangle brush (we believe) on the market with 170 ultra-flexible bristles, a breathable cushion for added comfort, lightweight stand-up design and so much more.

Daily Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner – Good hair care starts here and with the basics of beauty.


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