Best ways to keep blonde hair bright – for shiny hair results

KristinDupHealthy, shiny hair with a radiant look and feel is what most people strive for in their salon and beauty maintenance. Salons promote shine and conditioning treatments to prevent frizzy hair and for hair that help strengthen elasticity, add shine, and help manage overall look and feel of hair and hair styling results.  But why the blah blondes?   Sometimes overdoing it can, well, overdo it. Here are some of the best ways to keep blonde hair healthy, maintain condition and shine, and reduce tension and breakage.

Keep in mind blonde hair is already a more delicate color type due to the nature of the process.

Don’t overdo it.  So many clients pack products and ingredients onto hair and scalp thinking more is better.   NOT SO.  Continuing to pack and stack products,oils, deep moisture treatments, etc onto hair can create lack-luster results simply because too much is too much.  Hair will naturally reflect light and look healthy and shiny when it’s well taken care of, the cuticle layer is smooth, and you’re not over processing.   Adding treatment after treatment is not the way to keep hair shiny and vibrant.  In fact it can cause hair to look dull, heavy and lifeless.

Shiny hair comes from Smooth surfaces reflect more light, thereby giving a more shiny and vibrant look. Think about aluminum foil.  A flat, smooth foil surface will reflect more

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light (seemingly) and appear brighter.   A crumpled up piece of foil will not reflect light in the same way and  not appear as bright.  The same is true with our hair.  Shiny hair comes from a smooth surface strand and that often takes a little action, and a little product especially if you have a coarse or more wiry hair type.  Gloss & Toss Shine – hair serum – helps smooth out the surface, protect against thermal styling, fight frizz and humidity and more. Simply apply a small amount to clean/wet hair and blow-dry smooth.

Technical brushing.  We’ve all heard 100 strokes a day keeps hair healthy, shiny and strong.  There’s some truth to that because what we’re doing if bringing some of the natural oils of the scalp down to the ends to protect hair, add shine w/ our body’s natural oils, exfoliate the scalp, stimulate scalp circulation and so much more. Additionally, by doing this – we help protect parts of the hair that need this moisture.  Try the Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush for gentle brushing, detangling hair, basic styling, moisture treatments, and more. This lightweight brush is more than its name and truly is a must-have for every beauty routine.  Visit our website to shop and learn more.  Our unique Detangle and Multi-Purpose brush has 170 ultra-flexible bristles, a stand-up design, lightweight feel, comfort grip handle and so much more.  Clients love it.

DIY??  Well we never recommend this one but many people believe in beer, vinegar, mayonnaise, etc as part of their conditioning, shine, or healthy looking hair routines. The risk is in not trusting your salon professional, DIY services that you work through to hopeful success, and perhaps something goes wrong and you again “DIY” to make it right.  Then you end up with an even bigger mishap than when you began. Always trust your salon professional for routine services, color, and cuts.

Violet Shampoo.  Yes – Violet helps cancel warmer tones and can neutralize colors or pigments causing hair to feel dull, or less “vibrant.” Ask your salon professional if this is right for you. Here’s how it works.  The first shampoo should be with a normal cleansing shampoo to remove daily build-up, oil, dirt, etc.   The second time you shampoo is when you want to use a violet shampoo to tone, brighten and enhance hair color.

Avoid excessive heat.  This causes hair to fray, appear lifeless, and can reduce shine if overdone or not used correctly. Brittle ends are obviously unhealthy and unhealthy looking.  That will take away from shiny looking hair no matter how hard you’ve tried. It’s best not to overdo it.

gloss and toss daily nourish shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair and scalpLast but not least – be sure to care for hair and scalp with a gentle cleansing and conditioning system and we obviously love the Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish Duo.

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