Gloss & Toss Hair Care shares hair styling tips with Alpha Gamma Delta UCLA

Alpha Gamma Delta, UCLA, Gloss & Toss Hair Care & a Hollywood hair stylist.  What an event.

Posted by Gloss & Toss founder Billy Lowe

I was invited to speak to the most amazing group of young ladies this past Saturday and it was a houseful. The ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta invited me to share hair tips and style ideas, hair care and trends with them as they were preparing for an exciting week of Recruitment 2017 (formerly called “rush”). Not only did I get to share ideas and thoughts with them, they shared their home, laughter, good cheer and “ending cheer” with me while I was there.  The upcoming week for them represented a time when nearly 1,000 UCLA students visited and toured the Sorority houses for Recruitment Week 2017, all deciding and hoping to be accepted into their chosen Sorority

When I arrived on campus, I was greeted by 60 smiling faces of young ladies attending Alpha Gamma Delta Hair Workshop UCLAUCLA and living at the Alpha Gamma Delta House.  Their day had been spent with projects and preparation for the upcoming week but just as I was walking in, pizza was being delivered and I thought to myself “Pizza or hairbrushes?”  Needless to say, one never gets in the way of a student and a pizza delivery. I remember this quite well from so many years ago when I attended university myself.

But as the founder and creator of Gloss and Toss Hair Products there are many opportunities to present our amazing hair care brand and answer lots of questions on hair care products, styling, accessories and more. So that’s just what we did.  I wanted it to be their day ad to be very real to them, not just some over the top beauty session that wouldn’t be relevant.

I decided to open the day with one question from each attendee, written down on a piece of paper and placed in a basket that I would draw from randomly. This allowed everyone to feel they contributed to content (whether we got to everyone or not) and it also encouraged attentive and mindful listening because the question being drawn from the basket could be one of theirs.  But everything I planned as an opening was completely forgotten (I was probably thrown into a state of confusion) because as the meeting was called to order, the leader and Vice President, Sarine, announced that there was a birthday in the room and the audience was going to sing happy birthday to one of their sorority sisters. I of course saw the beautiful grand piano in the corner of the room and made a beeline to play the accompaniment of the happy birthday song. From there my mind was an absolute blank. What happened in the next hour or two?  I can’t even remember but I hope it was ok.

So here are some of the questions I did get around to selecting from the basket, and as we began discussing hair and beauty, the crown naturally began to participate, want to come up on stage and discuss their hair care needs personally, and the whole room was supportive for each and every person there.

WHY DO I HAVE OILY HAIR AND WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT?   VERY good question and there are a lot of contributing factors.

But let me repeat (again and again) that our skin

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doesn’t stop at the hair line.  Those oil blotting papers that we use on our face are perfect for blotting the scalp area (or a soft tissue perhaps) to draw oil, congestion or build up AWAY from the scalp area.  As hair gets more build up at the scalp area, it becomes flat, limp and lifeless.  This is where oil blotting papers and perhaps a little DRY SHAMPOO are very effective.  Additionally, I recommend custom brushing to allow those oils to travel down to the ends of the hair.  The ends rarely get ample nourishment anyway and this routine brushing is an excellent way to shift oil away from the scalp area to other parts of hair (or again, blot away).

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I GET A HAIR CUT?   Every 6-8 weeks is about the national average if you have a longer hair type. For men or women with shorter styles, they may find visits looking more like 4-6 weeks.   Most customers will see their salon professionals an average of 7-8 times per year.   Where do you fall in?

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WHAT DO I DO ABOUT SPLIT ENDS?  DON’T PICK, PULL OR BOTHER THEM. Often times I see customers twirling their hair, picking at the ends, or carelessly pulling out hair ties causing hair to experience more breakage and damage than necessary.  Go easy on your hair.  Use the Daily Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner, Prep, Hair & Scalp Healing Oil for best results in your overall hair care routine. The Daily Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner is gentle and effective enough to use every day, and is safe for color and chemically treated hair.

IS THERE ANYTHING TO MAKE HAIR GROW FASTER?   Change the season to summer.  I’ve heard hundreds of times through the years that hair grows about 1/4″ per month andHair Skin Nails Longer Hair Best Resultsgrows even more quickly during summer months.  Perhaps this is because we’re more active, participating in different activities or fitness opportunities.  Days at the beach, walking around town after the chill of winter has disappeared, hiking, backpacking in a different country are all examples of summertime activities and obviously these encourage more physical activity (circulation, body detox, etc). I also encouraged the group to monitor eating habits and certainly pay attention to hair, skin and nail retail categories as many customers rely on these for their overall beauty rituals. Customers around the world look for BIOTIN as part of their beauty routine and the search for healthy hair and nails.  Gloss & Toss Fortify is a leading hair, skin & nail supplement packed with many of the essentials that customers look for time and time again for their beauty needs.

WHAT’S A QUICK HAIR STYLE TIP THIS SEASON?  BRAIDS. There are so many types of braids and ways to wear them.  I usually go for a more unstructured braid look.  By gathering sections of hair back away from the face (if desired) you open up facial features, keep skin cooler, minimize distractions of hair, and create a gorgeous/simple look at the same time.  When the hair is gathered and braid applied, I loosely shake the braid back and forth to loosen the look and allow pieces of hair to fall (or fall out) naturally as they will.

The day was full of many more tips, ideas and questions which I could write about endlessly but these were a few of the “highlights” of the day.  I will share that this was probably one of the most caring, attentive, courageous, and mindful audiences I have just about every spoken to. And while we were all fairly casual with one another, I in my dress jeans and the girls in their flip-flops and hoodies, I think we all had a great time.

But to top it all off, this introduction was made through a friend of mine who is now the “house mother” of the sorority, and she and I attended the same university. Although we graduated a few years apart, we have been friends for a number of years and she brings such a wealth of experience in her tapestry. I’m sure the house will experience an abundance of life’s wisdom and love in her service and care.

I hope you enjoyed this article, these tips, and product suggestions, and that you’ll help me wish the ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta a wonderful school year.


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