Gloss & Toss Hair Products are among the best in hair care and beauty “must-haves” on the market.

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Gloss and Toss hair shine serum for smooth hair and silky results
Gloss & Toss Hair Serum (Shine) was developed by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe; Beverly Hills CA.

Our hair serum (Shine) started it all many years ago.  Gloss & Toss Hair Care started with one simple product, our Shine serum as our founder wanted something to use behind the scenes of Hollywood for hair styling that would give a smooth and healthy look to hair, not weigh it down, and would endure a long day of “Lights – Camera – Action!”  Our hair serum was an instant success.

More Red Carpet Hair Products

Today our hair company has countless products used and trusted by leading salon professionals around the world.  Our Detangle Brush and Shine hair serum have both been included in celebrity gifting events here in Hollywood, and customers around the world love the ease of ordering online.

Developed by Hollywood hair stylist Billy Lowe, our brand missions and objectives are simple.  We want to demystify the world of Hollywood beauty and deliver products, tips and beauty ideas to people everywhere.  We believe there is something for everyone and we strive to create more of those look good – feel good moments. We also believe that beauty has no rules.  Face shape rules seem to be a thing of the past for so many reasons and we believe hair should be simple and not complicated.

Hollywood Beauty Splash

Gloss & Toss Hair Products have been seen on hit television shows like the Hallmark

Detangle Brush and Risa Dorken General Hospital Smooth Hair
Risa Dorken – General Hospital Actress loves Gloss and Toss Hair Products and says it keeps her hair looking silky smooth.

Home & Family Show, KCAL News Los Angeles, Let’s Make a Deal with Wayne Brady and many others.  Our brand leaders are on the pulse of all things beauty and we pride ourselves on taking time with our customers to answer questions, share beauty news and make Red Carpet hair styling approachable for them – rather than it seeming like a mystery.

Check out our feature in Livestrong.com for:  9 Things to do for Amazing Hair

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