Healthy Hair During Summer

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Summer is here and we’ll soon be hearing all of the road trip favorites and sooner or later we’ll wrap the season with “Boys of Summer” a true classic.  But until then – let’s talk gorgeous hair.

This season Gloss & Toss hair products has something for everyone to keep hair looking radiant and healthy, less stressed, and less troubled.  So visit us online today by checking out for a few of these amazing products:

and many more products all conveniently available for online purchase.

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Ease Allergy Symptoms When Using Your Beauty Products

gloss and toss allergy solutions hairspray shieldALLERGIES ARE NOT GOING AWAY; NEITHER ARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Unfortunately, however, many allergy sufferers experience symptoms of allergies on a daily basis and many throughout their lives.  These symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and the nonstop frustrations of treating or minimizing these symptoms.  In fact, many allergy sufferers experience increasing symptoms as they age, and often relocate to other parts of the country (or world) to ease these symptoms in their living situations.  In addition to weather and seasonal situations, many people are affected by household cleaning items, material types, various food ingredients and certainly health and beauty items.

The truth is, most beauty brands are not focused on Continue reading

How to save time styling hair after a workout


gloss and toss workout blow-out hair styling tips after gym

Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo makes a great hair styling option if you’re in a hurry or you need to extend the life of your current style temporarily. Buy online by visiting 

Many people spend time after their workout to style their hair.  To some this may mean a quick 5-minute session and to others it’s a dreaded 30 minutes or longer to blow-dry their hair.  And with summer coming up, that’s no fun.

The dressing rooms at the gym can be crowded especially during peak times.  If you forgot to bring your own hair dryer, there may be a lineup to use the ones provided by the gym facility.  To make matters worse you might just be wrapping up your visit when the dreaded “low on towels” announcement is made.  But never fear, beauty remedies are here.

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Save time when you blow-dry your hair!


“If only I could do this at home!”   That’s the cry of every customer leaving the salon chair.  Well consider the facts:  Hair stylists spend hundreds of hours in school studying how to cut, color, and finish your hair style.  They practice at home, on their friends, and even on those funny looking doll heads they receive in their beauty kits from school.  Then on the salon floor, they work tirelessly to perfect that blow-out, to section hair neatly, and to twirl and flip those brushes like utensils in a kitchen.  And while customers may not always get that perfect blow-out at home, there are some great time-saving tips along with product recommendations from the Gloss & Toss  brand that we wanted to share with you in today’s blog graphic.

These products are available by visiting and we hope you love these featured items, and in the time they actually save preparing your hair style.

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – Featuring the Gloss & Toss Value Beauty Set


gloss and toss mothers day promo

Gloss & Toss Hair Care announces a Mother’s Day Gift idea. Featuring 3 of our most popular items including Shine (our signature hair serum, Prep (lightweight leave in conditioner, protector & detangler) and our amazing Detangle rush. Buy online at

Buy the Gloss & Toss Mother’s Day Value Set online.  Visit the HOMEPAGE and scroll down to FEATURED PRODUCTS halfway down the page.

Customers love trying new products.  They also love occasional savings on the ones they already use.  Seasonal values and promotions are the perfect time to stock up on the items you love and to try a few new ones as well.

It’s no secret that moms everywhere look forward to this time of year for their Mother’s Day gifts (or perhaps a little shopping for themselves). This is when they can take advantage of special retail savings on their favorite items whether it’s larger sized merchandise or perhaps newer finds. This year, Gloss & Toss has joined the “value added” party. 

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The price of color correction


Try our Moisture Kit For Hair for damaged hair or hair that needs extra moisture on a daily basis.

gloss and toss color correction blog post

Color correction can be a disaster!

Potential risks of coloring your own hair: 

  • Poor formulations
  • Overprocessing
  • Discomfort
  • Embarrassment
  • Financial costs to correct (to name a few)

You know you’ve done it.  Haven’t many people?  You visit your favorite Continue reading

Watermelon Salad

How to make fresh and delicious watermelon salad!

watermelon saladMany people remember spring and summer dishes and some of their favorite fruits being in season like plums, mulberries, peaches and whatever else grew in the garden (or down the road).  Spring and summer salads are the perfect bring along whether it’s a picnic, family event, meal planning, a church or holiday event, you name it.  Many people definitely remember watermelon salads during their childhood and we at Gloss & Toss wanted to bring you a great recipe that has been through so many reincarnations over time but we love it and hope you do as well.

Living in Los Angeles much of our influence is Continue reading

Beautiful Hair this Easter

Healthy hair is a cinch with Gloss & Toss hair products available online by visiting GLOSSANDTOSS.NET

Gloss & Toss luxury hair productsIt’s Easter weekend and whether you’re wearing a classic hair style or bringing out your favorite Easter hat, there is definitely a sense of fashion and flair to this weekend.  From vibrant colors to softer pastels, many people have shopped (and dieted) for quite some time to ring in spring as this weekend brings about many reasons to celebrate.  But before you step out to that fabulous champagne brunch, Sunday morning service, Saturday dinner, or Friday evening celebration, here are a few tips to keep those tresses looking great and to lift those roots (and voices) high this weekend for many a joyous event.

Call ahead to visit your salon professional for a blow-out service.  This will save you time and energy as there’s so much going on this weekend as it is.

Don’t go for “dramatic” this weekend.  Let your attire or accessories do that for you.  It’s easier to change a top or a ring than it is to fix hair color gone wrong at the last minute.

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Organize Your Beauty Products at Home

Here are some of the BEST ways to organize your beauty and personal products at home!

Did you know that keeping your beauty products and personal care items organized helps them stay clean and sanitary AND can extend the life of your products?

gloss and toss beauty organization tips

A simple drawer organizer can help keep products organized and prevent them from “wear and tear” when opening and closing drawers or cabinets. We found this drawer divider unit at IKEA and we love it!

Have you ever wondered how beauty professionals keep their tools and products so organized and at an arm’s reach?  Let’s face it! Hair stylists and beauty experts are busy, multi-tasking career professionals.  They manage a career and client roster that includes providing their professional services, coordinating color formulas or perhaps facial rituals, recommending products for clients to use at home, managing salon or spa inventory, client follow up and care, and that’s just the start of it.  Over the years the beauty industry has recognized and developed systems and procedures that work well for organizational strategy, time management, and effectiveness for the business overall.

But if you’re like most people at home, you’re often annoyed at the heaping collection of products you’re Continue reading

Schedule Your Hair Appointment

Base color, highlights, deep conditioning treatments, give me the works!

gloss and toss salon appointmentsBooking your next salon appointment should happen before you leave the salon during each visit. Even if your schedule changes, it’s nice to know you have a place on the books. But in today’s busy world, customers seem less likely to book appointments on the spot or in advance.  In yesteryear’s salon standards, clients wouldn’t dream of leaving their favorite beauty professional without securing that next reservation with her or him.  In many cases, Continue reading