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Online sales are booming and everyone wants to buy beauty products online! We know that customers around the world trust Amazon for their daily shopping needs.  People buy everything from nutritional supplements, albums, interiors and hair products on Amazon are certainly right up there with every other shopping category.

We believe in great customer service, quality products that customers around the world have come to know and love, trusted beauty advice from leading Hollywood beauty experts, and so many other outstanding ways that we strive to be your trusted source for your hair care needs.

So check us out on our own website by visiting www.glossandtoss.net which will give you a bit more information about us, our history, ways we’re involved in our community, and a little view of the many wonderful people behind the brand.

For Amazon details, visit the Amazon website and search for Gloss & Toss.

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Gloss & Toss Hair Products – See What’s New

Gloss & Toss new hair products!

Available online at www.glossandtoss.net

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The Gloss & Toss Hair Care Line unveiled many new hair products this year just in time for New Year celebrations and annual red carpet events.  Several of these new products gained immediate attention due to their presence on the red carpet during awards season in 2017.  A few celebrities (including Jane Fonda, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey and others) received our hot new detangle brush in celebrity gifting suites during this exciting awards time and others took home other fabulous items from the brand during press junkets and media tours earlier in the year.  Continue reading “Gloss & Toss Hair Products – See What’s New”

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Hair and Scalp Healing Oil -Hair Moisture Treatment

Need a deep moisture treatment for hair?

Try the new Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil Natural Oil Treatment for Hair and Scalp.


What it does:  Strengthens elasticity of hair, adds shine, helps repair damaged/dehydrated looking hair, provides an invigorating experience for a healthy scalp and so much more.

Our all new Hair & Scalp Healing Oil is here and it’s a great way to combat wintertime hair damage including dry hair, itchy scalp, brittle ends and so much more.  This natural oil formula is a perfect treatment for the salon professional and is great to use at home as well as part of your hair ritual.

To use, simply….. Continue reading “Hair and Scalp Healing Oil -Hair Moisture Treatment”


Summertime Hair Tips to Protect Hair

gloss and toss protect hair add hair shineSummertime beauty tips and how to protect hair from the sun and summertime damage will be on everyone’s mind during the hot travel season.  

It’s been AGES since we’ve posted but here we are sharing a little “Look Good – Feel Good” moments with you for Summer 2016.  Seems as if those loose beachy waves are here to stay no matter your hair length, style or color.  Here’s a quick tip to make them look their best.

  1.  Shampoo & Condition (if needed) in normal manner using the Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioner set.
  2. Apply Gloss & Toss SHINE (blow-dry serum for hair) to hair and blow-dry smooth.  An option here is to twist hair in larger sectioned “ringlets” and diffuse dry.  We recommend using a setting mist when doing this either in the form of a light-hold hair spray or perhaps a sea-salt spray to give hair a bit more texture and “distressed” look. Both available at glossandtoss.net.
  3. Tousle hair loosely and style as desired


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Spring Hair Tips – How to take care of your hair this season

Spring hair care tips.

Hair treatment oil, good daily maintenance, routine salon appointments and professional hair care all play an important part for healthy hair all year long.  So let’s discuss how to care for your hair this spring season and keep it looking healthy and radiant for the hot summer months to come.

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With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s time to start taking care of those tresses (or making plans to).  Hair can take a beating year  round and many of us are coming out of harsh winter months and extreme environments and moving right into spring.  Others that live in more moderate environments enjoy easier conditions throughout the year but there are things we can all do to keep our locks looking and feeling their best.

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Continue reading “Spring Hair Tips – How to take care of your hair this season”


Winter Hair Tips

Use Gloss & Toss SHINE to protect hair against harsh winter weather!
Use Gloss & Toss SHINE to protect hair against harsh winter weather!

The best way to protect your hair this winter is to “care for your hair.”  So often during winter months hair is thrown under a hat, tangled in a scarf, or simply not cared for.  Hair becomes brittle and more prone to damage especially in tough winter months.  If left untreated or uncared for, it makes showing off spring tresses a little less presentable.  Winter hair can be just as prone to damage as summertime fun in the sun.

Hair Serums and treatment products help protect hair and keep it healthier than without.  Especially avoid going outside in freezing weather with wet hair in order to prevent fraying or hair snapping due to freeze effects.  We highly recommend our coveted hair shine and treatment serum GLOSS & TOSS SHINE.    Fortified with jojoba oil, licorice root chamomile and so much more, Gloss & Toss helps protect tresses against inclement weather conditions and is great for most hair types.




WKLB New Country 102.5 features Gloss & Toss

Hollywood Hair Serum Hits Boston

Available to buy online at http://glossandtoss.net/products/gloss-and-toss-shine-serum

Country 102.5 Radio featured our signature hair serum in a beauty section of “must-have” items.  Gloss & Toss Shine was featured on WKLB 102.5 website blog which featured various hair and makeup tips, ideas, or guides for the season.   We were excited to get word that WKLB loves our signature Shine serum and we can’t wait to share the beauty news with all of Boston.

Over time customers around the world have come to love this style and finishing hair serum whether they use it for thermal styling or blow-drying, or whether they simply want a “wash and go” sort of look.  More love comes into us for the fact that we are a cruelty-free brand, and support a number of organizations for their efforts in supporting cruelty-free cosmetics and other brands.

But what exactly does a hair serum do? Hair serums help protect the hair shaft against thermal styling, environmental damage, and over-processing..   The Gloss & Toss Shine hair serum also helps protect the integrity of color treated hair and can be added to deep conditioning treatments or even professional hair color to help create smooth, soft, luxurious results.

Thanks WKLB for the feature and the mention. If you’re a WKLB fan – give them a shoutout online and say thanks for their support of great beauty products and keeping Boston entertained.

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Hair Style Tips – Gloss and Toss Hair Shine Serum makes for easy hair styling

Today's hair tip! copyGetting “the look” is easier than you think.  It just takes a few minutes, some great styling products and tools, and a little time and patience.  Soft “careless tresses” have been in for so many years starting in the 70’s and has been a great hair trend ever since.  We don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon so hop aboard and get the look.


  1. A large paddle brush for separating/sectioning hair
  2. Hot rollers if you’re working with dry hair (or “dirty hair”)
  3. Round brushes if you’re working wet-to-dry
  4. A vented brush to separate hair at the ends
  5. Hair clips to separate hair
  6. A curling iron to define curls as needed
  7. Some good music and mood

Brush hair with large paddle brush to help detangle and separate.  Work in large sections on dry hair and apply hot rollers (directed back).  We like loose curls so avoid rolling hair all the way up to the scalp area.   Keep them to the mid sections only when you apply.  The hot roller method works great on “dirty hair” or hair that hasn’t been shampooed in a day or two.  The build-up on hair helps give hair more structure and stay-factor.  Use a light hold hairspray all over when hot rollers have been applied.  Allow time to cool, shake loose and add definition with a curling iron as needed.  Finish with one pump of Gloss & Toss shine serum to keep curls separated and add great polish and shine.  A little goes a long way.  If you have fine hair a pearl-sized amount is more than enough.

For a wet-to-dry-look, the same above applies but you’ll begin on wet/clean hair, apply 1-2 pumps of Gloss & Toss shine serum, and blow-dry smooth using round brushes.  When hair is dry you can use hot roller method throughout or curling iron method all over.  Either works just fine.

TIP:    We prefer to add curling iron definition at the end in VERY small sections.  For example if you wrap hair in 2-3 inch sections for hot rollers or curling iron to start – DEFINE last curls using 1/2 inch sections so you have the varying curl sizes and patterns for a soft, natural look.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us socially    @glossandtoss

Order Gloss & Toss shine serum online via Amazon or http://www.glossandtoss.net


Salons by JC Charlotte, NC hosts Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe visits Salons by JCWe are very excited to announce that Salons by JC Charlotte recently hosted Gloss & Toss® founder, celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe of Beverly Hills.  Known for his extraordinary hair color in Beverly Hills, Billy Lowe will now be taking exclusive appointments in the Queen City on a regular basis, scheduled every 4-6 weeks for a visit.

Salons by JC – Charlotte, NC owner Luis Moreno has launched a gorgeous state-of-the art hair salon featuring smaller hair studios that individual salon professionals occupy to provide their own salon services, away from the distractions of larger salon settings.   Now, clients can enjoy one-on-one services in the comforts o a private studio suite whether having their hair done, nails, waxing, or facials.  This location is near the Carmel Commons area of Charlotte at 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd.

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH BILLY LOWE IN CHARLOTTE, PLEASE EMAIL:     BillyLowe310@aol.com or call 310-430-4045 for more information.    


Things to be thankful for – Beauty and Gratitude from Gloss And Toss Teams

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At Gloss And Toss – WE CARE ABOUT YOU.   We realize that beauty is more than just an external thing governed by magazines and TV commercials.    We believe beauty is all around us.  We find it in the people we meet, the families we love, the songs we hear, and our favorite coffee and dessert. We especially see beauty and give thanks for the customers, friends and family who love and support our brand.  You are our cheerleaders! What are you thankful for today?

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We look forward to hearing from you.