Experiential Marketing Los Angeles

Gloss & Toss joins SimpleHuman and BeautyCon Los AngelesExperiential Marketing provides many exciting ways for brands to meet consumers, for consumers to meet brands, and for brands to meet one another to meet the needs of the marketplace.  

We have been lucky to align with some amazing organizations through the years locally and nationally to create some awesome events, products and campaigns.  A few of these include:

-A spirits tasting events with different “themed” tasting stations

-The launch of a new cell phone

-A $10,000 makeover in NYC

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Best ways to prevent frizzy hair

Best tips for frizzy hair and ways clients can de-frizz or prevent frizz in their hair styling results?

Well we’re going to share these anti-frizz hair tips with you on another exciting segment with Hallmark’s Home and Family Show featuring our founder Billy Lowe, celebrity hair stylist & national beauty expert.


Frizzy hair happens for many reasons.  Some people have a naturally wavy, coarse or frizzy hair type which can be affected by various weather conditions.  Other times, frizzy hair results come from humidity, over processing, lack of moisture or irregular hair care services at home and in the salon.  In other words, unless you’re wearing a cap or hair covering, it’s going to take some effort, and some products.

HEALTHY HAIR STARTS WITH HEALTHY SCALP!  Our scalp needs care and support

daily nourish duo outside photo


just as our face, hands or other parts of the body.  It needs routine cleansing, exfoliating, and moisture which are all crucial to the vital functions of healthy hair & scalp.  So many clients go 2, 3, 4 days or more without shampooing, relying on Dry Shampoo to get them through yet they stack and pack layers of products into the hair and scalp area to protect the style while sacrificing the overall health of hair & scalp.  Imagine going 2-3 days without washing face or hands. In the Hallmark Home & Family segment we demonstrated an old beauty “show and tell” we’ve seen from many brands. By applying a clear piece of tape to the back of the hands and gently lifting it away, we see layers of dead skin cells.  The same thing happens at the scalp area – and these cells stack one on top of the other if we don’t properly care for our scalp.  Then people wonder why their color fades, why their ends are damaged, or why their hair is frizzy.


Hair smoothing duo products as seen on hallmark - best for smoothing frizzy hair

Gloss & Toss    SMOOTHING DUO

Smooth hair comes from having smooth strands of hair either naturally or through styling.  The smoother the cuticle layer, the more smooth and glossy hair will look and feel, giving way to gorgeous looking results. Gloss & Toss PREP and Gloss & Toss SHINE serum are the perfect duo for smooth, healthy looking hair!  


100 strokes a day!  This is more than just an old saying.  There are so many benefits to routine brushing which include massaging the scalp, stimulating circulation, detoxing, exfoliating and bringing nourishment and moisture down to the ends of hair which can often be dry and brittle. It’s a relaxing treatment and great for healthy hair & scalp.  Don’t overdo it obviously and be gentle when brushing.

gloss and toss hair products banner sample1

Check out the following Gloss & Toss hair product suggestions: 

1  Gloss & Toss SHINE

2  Gloss & Toss PREP

3.  Gloss & Toss Flex Versatile hairspray with B5 (also helps resist humidity)

4.  Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil

5.  Gloss & Toss Paddle Brush or Detangle Brush


IF YOU HAVE SHORTER HAIR TYPES:  The same routine care and maintenance are just as important to you.  Please visit our website at http://www.glossandtoss.net and use the CONTACT page if  you have any questions.


Shop these amazing products online by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net




Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner Set – Daily Nourish Duo

daily nourish duo outside photoThe Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish Duo – Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner set is truly quite the set.  Together this “Daily Duo” leave hair looking and feeling silky smooth, softer, more manageable and beautifully brilliant.  Gentle (and effective) enough to use on a daily basis, we believe you’ll love this line up as part of your beauty routine.

Daily Nourish Shampoo – Infused with Keratin Protein & ProVitamin B5 to strengthen hair and to help prevent breakage.  This luxurious moisturizing shampoo gently removes build-up on hair and scalp while softening the surface of the hair to help reduce frizz and fly-aways.  Free of sodium chloride, and is paraben-free.

Daily Nourish Conditioner – A lightweight moisturizing conditioner effective to use on a daily basis or as needed.  Enriched with soy protein, coconut and sage, this conditioner helps smooth the cuticle layer, leaving hair looking and feeling silky smooth.

Clients LOVE the results of the Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioner and we think you will as well.  Shop online by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net and selecting “BUNDLE SETS”   OR   “VALUE SETS”


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Healthy Hair During Summer

Gloss and Toss Summer In the Bag Website Banner

Buy Gloss & Toss online at glossandtoss.net.  Summer beauty must haves.

Celebrate summer with the ultimate in hair care including our Detangle Brush (multi-use), Dry Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, Hair and Nail vitamins & MORE!  Summer is here and we’ll soon be hearing all of the road trip favorites and sooner or later we’ll wrap the season with “Boys of Summer” a true classic.  But until then – let’s talk gorgeous hair.

This season Gloss & Toss hair products has something for everyone to keep hair looking radiant and healthy, less stressed, and less troubled.  So visit us online today by checking out http://www.glossandtoss.net for a few of these amazing products:

and many more products all conveniently available for online purchase.

Summer can wreak havoc on hair causing it to feel dry, brittle and stressed.  Often times the ins and outs of summertime fun can lead to color fading as well so what better way to care for your hair in the summer than with great hair products that clients everywhere love.  Visit us online at GLOSSANDTOSS.NET to learn which hair products are right for you and some quick and easy style guide/tips as well.

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Ease Allergy Symptoms When Using Your Beauty Products

gloss and toss allergy solutions hairspray shieldALLERGIES ARE NOT GOING AWAY; NEITHER ARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Unfortunately, however, many allergy sufferers experience symptoms of allergies on a daily basis and many throughout their lives.  These symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and the nonstop frustrations of treating or minimizing these symptoms.  In fact, many allergy sufferers experience increasing symptoms as they age, and often relocate to other parts of the country (or world) to ease these symptoms in their living situations.  In addition to weather and seasonal situations, many people are affected by household cleaning items, material types, various food ingredients and certainly health and beauty items.

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How to save time styling hair after a workout


gloss and toss workout blow-out hair styling tips after gym

Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo makes a great hair styling option if you’re in a hurry or you need to extend the life of your current style temporarily. Buy online by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net 

Many people spend time after their workout to style their hair.  To some this may mean a quick 5-minute session and to others it’s a dreaded 30 minutes or longer to blow-dry their hair.  And with summer coming up, that’s no fun.

The dressing rooms at the gym can be crowded especially during peak times.  If you forgot to bring your own hair dryer, there may be a lineup to use the ones provided by the gym facility.  To make matters worse you might just be wrapping up your visit when the dreaded “low on towels” announcement is made.  But never fear, beauty remedies are here.

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Save time when you blow-dry your hair!


“If only I could do this at home!”   That’s the cry of every customer leaving the salon chair.  Well consider the facts:  Hair stylists spend hundreds of hours in school studying how to cut, color, and finish your hair style.  They practice at home, on their friends, and even on those funny looking doll heads they receive in their beauty kits from school.  Then on the salon floor, they work tirelessly to perfect that blow-out, to section hair neatly, and to twirl and flip those brushes like utensils in a kitchen.  And while customers may not always get that perfect blow-out at home, there are some great time-saving tips along with product recommendations from the Gloss & Toss  brand that we wanted to share with you in today’s blog graphic.

These products are available by visiting http://www.glossandtoss.net and we hope you love these featured items, and in the time they actually save preparing your hair style.

gloss and toss perfect blow-out



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – Featuring the Gloss & Toss Value Beauty Set


gloss and toss mothers day promo

Gloss & Toss Hair Care announces a Mother’s Day Gift idea. Featuring 3 of our most popular items including Shine (our signature hair serum, Prep (lightweight leave in conditioner, protector & detangler) and our amazing Detangle rush. Buy online at http://www.glossandtoss.net

Buy the Gloss & Toss Mother’s Day Value Set online.  Visit the HOMEPAGE and scroll down to FEATURED PRODUCTS halfway down the page.

Customers love trying new products.  They also love occasional savings on the ones they already use.  Seasonal values and promotions are the perfect time to stock up on the items you love and to try a few new ones as well.

It’s no secret that moms everywhere look forward to this time of year for their Mother’s Day gifts (or perhaps a little shopping for themselves). This is when they can take advantage of special retail savings on their favorite items whether it’s larger sized merchandise or perhaps newer finds. This year, Gloss & Toss has joined the “value added” party. 

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The price of color correction


Try our Moisture Kit For Hair for damaged hair or hair that needs extra moisture on a daily basis.

gloss and toss color correction blog post

Color correction can be a disaster!

Potential risks of coloring your own hair: 

  • Poor formulations
  • Overprocessing
  • Discomfort
  • Embarrassment
  • Financial costs to correct (to name a few)

You know you’ve done it.  Haven’t many people?  You visit your favorite Continue reading

Watermelon Salad

How to make fresh and delicious watermelon salad!

watermelon saladMany people remember spring and summer dishes and some of their favorite fruits being in season like plums, mulberries, peaches and whatever else grew in the garden (or down the road).  Spring and summer salads are the perfect bring along whether it’s a picnic, family event, meal planning, a church or holiday event, you name it.  Many people definitely remember watermelon salads during their childhood and we at Gloss & Toss wanted to bring you a great recipe that has been through so many reincarnations over time but we love it and hope you do as well.

Living in Los Angeles much of our influence is Continue reading