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Red carpet hair tips and tricks, day-to-day maintenance for healthy hair and scalp, at-home hair remedies, travel treatments, and more.  These hair trends and beauty advice cal all be found right here on our blog as well as

Dry Shampoo Tip:

Before applying Gloss & Toss® Dry Shampoo (or any Dry Shampoo) use an oil blotting paper or soft tissue at the scalp area to remove excess oil or build-up. This will give a more natural looking result and hair will have a lighter, cleaner look and feel.



Hair Brushing Tip:

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Use Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush for detangling, daily brushing and styling, salon moisture treatments for hair, and so much more.

Remember your Grandmother used to say 100 strokes a day will help your hair be healthy?  There’s actually some truth to that.  As a routine hair technical treatment, use the Gloss & Toss® Detangle Brush to brush hair from scalp to ends (after detangling of course) to bring the oils from the scalp area down through to the ends.  This helps coat  the hair shaft with the natural oils from the scalp area and gives a little TLC to those thirsty ends as well.  The moisture at the scalp area has no way to reach the ends so it’s helpful to do some routine brushing just like Grandmother said. It massages the scalp, helps exfoliate and stimulate circulation, helps exfoliate, conditions hair and it just feels great.